Terrible customer service!!

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Placed an order with this company online for jiffy bags and a roll of bubble wrap.The jiffy bags arrived but the bubble wrap did not.I rang their customer service number and was on hold for over 20 mins!!

Rang a couple of hours later this time 30 mins!! NO ANSWER!

left them a voicemail to call me back which they didnt also emailed them to which I got a reply simply saying your bubble wrap has been sent second class, no apologies or explanations,nothing.I emailed back letting them know that their customer service was terrible and would not be using them again and would be sure to let others know.Stay well away their products were sent from Staples anyway so better to just find another company

Review about: Bubble Wrap.



i placed my order on the 19th may!

12days later io still havent recieved my order, still had no reply to my daily e-mails and still not had a reaply for my voice message !!!

they were quick enough to take my money though ..

.were is my order?

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